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Melbourne Pregnancy & Baby Expo FREE Bonus gift

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Only 3 more days to go! 

Purchase any Radia Smart @radiasmart Shielding products this weekend via Melbourne Expo or on our website

from 23rd -25th Feb, you will get this 100% cotton muslin swaddle value at $30 for FREE. Limited stock to give away. Check it out Radia Smart products: http://radiasmart.com.au/shop-all/

Anyone who visited our stand and like our facebook page will receive a FREE gift bag filled with baby essentials.
See you soon Melbourne mamas.

We will be at Pregnancy & Baby Expo Feb 24-25 Melbourne 2018

We will open a stall at Pregnancy & Baby Expo Feb 24-25th Melbourne. Get your FREE ticket save $20: https://ticketing.pbcexpo.com.au/61/sign_up Quick glance about us: Who we are? We base in Melbourne, specializing in anti-radiation apparels for pregnant women & children. We aim to raise more awareness of radiation from phones,laptops and WIFI for families. [...]

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Radia Smart: protection for bump & baby

When you’re pregnant, or trying to conceive, not only do you think about your own health, but the health of your baby growing inside you. We all consider making lifestyle changes, such as a healthy diet, getting regular exercise or actively reducing stress, doing whatever it takes to be as healthy as possible.But what about [...]

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Soft & Comfy Organic blanket for baby

We recently received an photo from our customer that bought the Radia Smart Shielding blanket. It is such JOY to see the 5 month old baby enjoy our blanket. My customer Karen said the blanket is so soft & comfy, it can be used anywhere they go and best of all it blocks radiation from [...]

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Happy Mother's Day

Thank you all beautiful mums for all your hard work to keep everything going every single day for your family. We celebrate this mother's day by give $15 off & Free Shipping end 15th May. Check out code: RS15OFFShop now at http://radiasmart.com.au/shop-all/

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Free Shipping Internationally from 1-11th Dec 2016

Christmas is coming soon. It is a season of LOVE and JOY and SHARING! We want to thank all our customers for your support and love. For a limited time, we offer Free Shipping Internationally from 1-11th December. We can send directly to your family and friends oversea, Please order now to be arrived before Christmas! [...]

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Security Blanket

I have a confession. I’m often on my phone when nursing. If Olympia is awake, I sing to her, but when she’s off on a ‘milk coma’, and a book is not within arm’s reach, she very quickly finds herself bathed in the soft blue light of my mobile …More parents worry about the [...]

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What everybody ought to know about WIFI in schools Australia?

This week I came across to one of the best and most informative videos I have seen for years. It includes an explanation of SAR values, a real life test of iPads vs iPhones and ARPANSA's practical advice on how to reduce exposure from mobile and other wireless devices. I highly recommend this video to all parents.– Safe & [...]

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How to reduce everyday radiation exposure for your children?

Many parents have concern for their children using mobile phones and tablets, and spending long hours on them, what to do to reduce radiation exposure for our children?Children’s brain absorb more radiationThe current generation of children is the first to be exposed to radio frequency radiation for almost their whole lives, this sort of radiation has a cumulative effect. The [...]

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Electromagnetic Fields Inside Our House

Last year we moved into a smaller house in the inner east suburb of Victoria, Australia. The house is approximately 60 years old so I knew that there is a fair bit maintenance needed to be done for e.g. checking the concrete stumps, heating, cooling, asbestos, plumbing, termites and the electrical wiring. Besides for all [...]

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