What everybody ought to know about WIFI in schools Australia?

Posted by ​Kristin Yu on 27th Jul 2016

This week I came across to one of the best and most informative videos I have seen for years. It includes an explanation of SAR values, a real life test of iPads vs iPhones and ARPANSA's practical advice on how to reduce exposure from mobile and other wireless devices.

I highly recommend this video to all parents.– Safe & Smart 4 r Kids - reduce wireless radiation produced by


"Around the world an increasing number of governments and authorities have banned or warned against the use of WiFi in schools. Many experts, scientists and doctors are warning schools to take a precautionary approach."

You can find more resources and information about WIFI in schools Australia in their website.

I am convicted that schools should stop Exposing Children to Radiation from WiFi and 3G until long-term exposure is proven harmless. So I signed up this petition. Together we can make difference for our children. Join me.