New Baby Bundle Deal Radiation Shielding Organic Cotton Blanket + Baby Sleep Soother Lullaby Teddy Bear

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Height 20.00 (cm)
Width 30.00 (cm)
Depth 10.00 (cm)
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Radiation Shielding Organic Cotton Blanket + Baby Sleep Soother Lullaby Teddy Bear

(Your choice of Radia Smart shielding blanket)


We are proud to partner with Joy and wonder Kids who designed Sleep Soothing Lullaby Bear to help the little one sleep better. The soothing bear has some amazing features: 

1. Plays Soothing Music & Sounds

CALM and SOOTHE your baby with a choice of 15 classic lullabies, a heartbeat or natural bird song sounds. Or press the button down for 3 seconds and play all the different songs on loop. The music turns off automatically after 15, 30 or 60 minutes to save you from creeping into the nursery after baby is asleep!

2. MESMERIZING Star Projection

Your baby will love the beautiful and comforting night lights that are projected onto their wall with our Soothing Sleep Bear. Simply press the light bulb button to turn the star projection on and off. Enjoy a starry night sky constellation to help sleepy eyes fall asleep faster.


Have the choice of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes turning off the lullabies without interfering with baby’s sleep. Use soothing bear as a soft nightlight for baby's nursery, or simply as a plush, music player to soothe baby wherever you are. Choose from 5 different volume settings to adjust the sound in any environment - from newborn to toddler.

4.ADJUSTABLE STRAP Secures in Place

With our handy strap, secure our plush Bear to the top of the crib or elsewhere in the nursery. When you're heading out, secure the Bear to the pram with the strap, and you're ready to go.


Our super soft soothing bear is hand washable, so your baby can cuddle, kiss, and play with it anytime and then you can easily wash it when it gets dirty. Plus, it’s battery operated so you can take it anywhere, even while travelling.

New Baby Bundle will be a great gift for the mums and buds

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Written by Hawaa El on 19th Aug 2021

I’m so excited to use this on baby, he will be able to sleep feeling protected with the blanket.