How Airplane Mode Helps Reduce Your EMF Radiation Exposure

How Airplane Mode Helps Reduce Your EMF Radiation Exposure?

We can all recall that trip where we were on our plane seats thinking about the getaway adventures, and the flight announcement reminded you to put your device on airplane mode. Mainly some of these announcements request us to turn off our devices, but the big question is why it is essential?

Airplane mode is a great way to reduce your risk of getting exposed to EMF radiation.

When you put your phone on airplane mode, here's what happens

The name airplane mode emerges from flights, but there's more to that, so what's the correlation between EMF radiation and airplane mode. Let's start with your cell phone. This little device has at least 4 radio antennas and could have up to 13 antennas. For example:

1. WIFI 2.45 GHz

2. WIFI 5 GHz

3. Bluetooth 2.4 GHz

4. Cellular LTE

5. Cellular 5G

In other words, your mobile phone is a mini radio tower that we carry around and use on daily basis. When your device is connected to a cellular network, Bluetooth or WIFI, it sends Radiofrequency or wireless signals. This wireless signal is Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Radiation. The antenna on the cell phone can be located at the top, bottom, side, either back or front. So unlike conventional design where the antenna is pointing up, the antenna could well be pointing towards your body.

When you put your phone on airplane mode, these tiny radio antennas are disabled and your phone loses connection. That's how you reduce EMF radiation exposure. You can now select on which antenna that you'd like to switch off for example you can switch off the Bluetooth antenna only or the WIFI or the Cellular and so on.

During a flight, the airplane mode is essential because the radio frequency signals generated by the phone can potentially interfere with the sensors or planes radio equipment. This why the air flight attendance would remind passengers to switch off their wireless devices before the flight takes off. feels like a distance memory at the moment. We have not been on any commercial flights for more than 18 months now since the start of the pandemic. =(

If you forget to put your phone in flight mode, you shouldn't worry much, but it's better to be safe than sorry. With the airplane mode on, you will disable the radio frequency signals, which reduces your exposure to electromagnetic field radiation.

Here is what electromagnetic field radiation entails;

Electronic devices emit electromagnetic field radiation, and this is usually a composition of shallow frequency and radiofrequency radiation. Electronic devices with batteries or plugs generally emit elf. Radiofrequency is usually emitted when the phone or electronic devices are connected to WIFI routers, cell towers, or Bluetooth devices.

Previous surveys on EMF radiation show that many people globally use smartphones. That means that majority are exposed to these RF and ELF radiations emitted by their phones. With that in mind, whenever you use your phone close to your body, especially for a long time, you get higher exposure to EMF radiation.

This radiation is usually harmful, and medical research links this to several health concerns. The common health issues related to EMF radiation include tinnitus, fatigue, insomnia, heart palpitation, skin rash and headaches. Serious problems caused by exposure to EMF radiation include; fertility issues, DNA fragmentation, cancer, and cells damage.

According to the study made by John Bucher, Ph.D., NTP senior scientist in 2018 on EMF radiation exposure to male rats showed clear pieces of evidence of Brain and Heart tumours after the radiation exposure. He verified the link between radio frequency radiation and tumours in male rats.

Nowadays, everyone uses electronic devices in one way or another, and everyone mainly uses cell phones. Prevention is better than cure; hence you can prevent yourself from this exposure to EMF emissions.

It would be best if you put your phone on airplane mode often to reduce this radiation exposure. Putting your phone on airplane mode can leave you bored, but there are many things you can do while the phone is on airplane mode.

Here's what you can do while on airplane mode;

While your phone is on airplane mode, you can still find other enjoyable things to do with your device. These activities include;

  • Taking videos and pictures
  • Listening to download music or podcasts
  • Reading previously downloaded e-books
  • Setting reminders or alarms
  • Making lists
  • Playing downloaded games

You can still connect to WIFI manually with your phone on airplane mode, and you can use App's that require an internet connection. This way we are turning off all other antennas except for the WIFI antenna. One antenna generates far less EMF radiation than multiple antennas. By having WIFI on with airplane mode you can:

  • Responding and reading emails
  • Browsing or posting on social media platforms
  • Sending messages on social media platforms
  • Face timing
  • Making audio calls on several apps
  • Streaming movies

When To Use Airplane Mode

You can always use airplane mode and enjoy the benefits of this fantastic feature at any time. Occasions where we should consider airplane mode:


You can always enable airplane mode when you don't need to get connected to the internet and avoid EMF radiation exposure. All these are healthy habits, and sometimes we all need some time off our devices. You can set reminders to know when to put your phone on airplane mode. That's a step closer to healthy living!

2. Night-time

You can always turn on the airplane mode feature at night, which means that you won't receive any new notifications or messages. This guarantees you better sleep and having great sleep contributes to better health.

3. When you are around kids

You can put your phone on airplane mode when your kids are around not to mention younger kids are most susceptible to EMF radiation. Kids can still use our cell phones in Airplane mode, use downloaded games and apps that don't need internet connection.

4. Low battery life

Whenever you realize your phone is almost going off, you should turn on airplane mode as a power-saving tool. 

5. Travelling

Whenever you are on an aeroplane, this will save you cellular data fees and prevent you from getting exposed to EMF radiation.

Are There Any Solutions To Reduce EMF Radiation Exposure?

Yes, there are many options to reduce exposure to EMF radiation, and as much as we need WIFI connectivity, we should choose our health over everything else. If you feel the need to stay connected to your phone, you can buy an EMF radiation protection apparels.

You can also keep your device away from you to decrease the EMF exposure. Distance is our best friend for this purpose.

You can access all the things that can help you reduce EMF exposure through RadiaSmart We also give our clients tips to raise awareness of electromagnetic field radiation.