How Shielding Works


The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. We differentiate between the different frequencies and the associated wavelength.

The electromagnetic spectrum start from low frequencies (long wavelength) used for electrical power distribution, to radio frequencies for radio, TV, cell phones, microwave ovens and wireless networks through to short wavelength high gamma radiation at the opposite end of the frequency spectrum such as Ultraviolet (UV) rays, X-rays. 

Please note: Radia Smart product does not shield against ionising/high frequency radiation like X-ray.




In electrical engineer, electromagnetic (EM) shielding is the practice of reducing electromagnetic fields in a space by blocking the field with barriers made of conductive or magnetic materials. Electromagnetic shielding that blocks radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation is also known as RF shielding. Radio frequency (RF) wave spectrum is from around 20 kHz to around 300 GHz. Examples of RF signals are AM/FM radio, TV, WIFI, Cell Phone, Bluetooth, Satellite and other devices.




Typical materials used for electromagnetic shielding include sheet metal, metal screen, and metal foam. Common sheet metals for shielding include copper, brass, nickel, silver, steel and tin. The physical properties of the metal affect the shielding effectiveness. Shielding effectiveness is how well the material reflects or absorb / suppresses electromagnetic radiation. Highly conductive materials such as copper, silver and brass provide better shielding against electrically dominant waves (RF). 

Radia Smart Product uses highly conductive shielding fabric which provides up to 99.9% shielding effectiveness for radiation from cell phones, laptops, tablets, WIFI, Bluetooth and other devices (non-ionising radiation). We have tested our shielding material against RF of 18 GHz and the shielding effectiveness is consistent at 99%.






We tested Radia Smart Blanket - shielding effectiveness using an RF meter. RF meter picked up the RF signals from surrounding, then when it is placed inside the RS shielding blanket, RF signals/sounds completely goes away. Radia Smart blanket shields and blocks radiation from cell phones, WIFI, laptops and other devices effectively. Thanks to Healthier by choice for the video. (



Radia Smart radiation shielding materials are tested by an accredited laboratory. The shielding fabric is highly conductive material and it has been tested with a signal generator with radiofrequency (RF) up to 18GHz. The shielding effectiveness is consistent at 99%. View the test reports below.

   img-0596-s.jpg     img-0597-s.jpg


How to reduce everyday wireless radiation exposure?

‘Resolution of the problem of global electromagnetic pollution of the environment will require a concerted international effort. However, as individuals we have some control over the electromagnetic devices that we use every day.’ Dr. Robert Becker

No matter where you live or what you do, it is likely that you’re in close contact with EMR-emitting technology for most of the day. If you have cordless phone at home, sleep on electric blanket, or use mobile phone as alarm, you are exposed as you sleep. If you use computer, a cell phone in your job, you are exposed at your work.

These technologies have brought us huge benefits, allow us to complete our tasks and work effectively and automatically. It also changes the nature of living and working environments. We know it affects our bodies and minds, especially pregnant woman and children because their cells are rapidly growing and dividing, and their brains are still developing.

International authorities and health experts are recommend the ‘precautionary approach’ of avoiding unnecessary exposure where possible.

So practically how do we reduce our everyday radiation exposure and enjoy the huge benefit and its convenience? Thankfully there are some very simple adjustments we can make to significantly reduce our exposure without dramatic changes to our lifestyle.

mobile-icon-s.jpgCell Phone/Mobile usage tips:

  • Use earphones to increase distance of the phone from your body and use phone speaker when possible.
  • Use corded landline phones to make phone calls or texting as alternatives to cell phone conversations.
  • Set cell phone to airplane mode when possible to stop cellular and wireless signals, especially when used by children
  • Limit use while cell phone is searching for signal or sending/receiving a call or data. For example when you are inside the lift or basement the signal is weak, and your phone is trying hard to searching for signal, there are higher levels of radiation at these times.
  • Put your phone in a bag instead of your pocket.
  • Do not put your cell phone under your pillow or close to your body when sleeping.
  • Buy cell phones with lower SAR (specific absorption rate) levels
  • Limit children to use mobile phone calls to emergencies
  • Use Radia Smart shielding products while you are using your phone

laptop-icon-s.jpgLaptop /computers Usage tips:

  • Limit using your laptops or tablet computers directly on your body. If you have to rest them against your body, it is better to use a pillow, cooling pad, or another barrier.
  • Use an attached mouse and keyboard while on your laptop
  • Shielding it by using Radia Smart products while you and especially your children are using a laptop, computer, or tablet that is connected to WIFI.

wifi-s.jpgWifi/wireless network Usage tips:

  • Be aware of the cell phone towers, radio transmitters, and power lines around where you live, work and play
  • Keep away from spending prolonged periods around places with high concentration of cell phone towers and power lines
  • Use LAN cables instead of wi-fi networks when possible
  • Turn off home wifi network when not in use, especially at night when everyone sleeps.
  • Shield using Radia Smart products to limit the ambient radiation exposure

cordless-phone-s.jpgCordless phone Usage tips:

  • use landline phone instead of cordless phone specially when you need to make a long phone call.


In short, we summarise it into 4 simple ways to reduce radiation exposure.


1. DISTANCE: Keep your cell phones, laptops, tablets at some distances from direct contact with your body.

2. AIRPLANE MODE: Turn on airplane mode which turns off the cellular and wireless signals. Especially when your children need to use the mobile or tablet, turn on Airplane mode for them. Any time you don’t need your device to be on (especially if you are carrying it next to your body), turn it to airplane mode (this will also save battery life).

3. LIMIT TIME: Limit your time of using mobile phone and other devices that emitting radiation. Use landline for long phone calls.

4. SHIELDING: Shielding is one of most safe, effective and convenient way to reduce everyday radiation exposure. Especially at the highest risk time of pregnancy, early childhood and even when try to conceive.


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