Radia Smart® Shielding Flexi Cover-Black

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The premium quality cotton fabric lined with the reliable protection of silver radiation shielding fabric make this Flexi Cover a convenient way to protect your child from radiation anywhere you go.  It is super soft & comfortable,this Flexi Cover is ideal to use throughout your pregnancy.

Numerous studies have shown that everyday radiation impacts the approach cells grow, DNA replicates, and brain cells function. Because of this, health experts believe early childhood and pregnant women – are more vulnerable to cell phone and wireless radiation because their bodies and brains are still growing and developing and they absorb more radiation than adults.

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  • Protect your baby during pregnancy and early childhood when they are at highest risk for radiation exposure.
  • Soft & Comfy - Super comfy to stay up and on for your growing abdomen as pregnancy belly expands.
  • Adjustable length- built in adjustable buckle to give you choice to adjust Flexi Cover to wear it as top or as short dress.
  • Back extension - button up extension, stay comfy as your pregnant belly grows.
  • Multi function- Flexi cover can be used as radiation shielding breastfeeding nursing cover & Pram cover when baby sleeps.

Efficacy: 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness (~50dB).

Material: 100% cotton; shielding fabric - RS shielding fabric

Packaging: including a RS shielding Flexi Cover and a cotton pouch bag and box packaging.

Instructions: wear over clothes throughout your pregnancy.

Colors: 3 colors to choose from Black, Pink, Blue see other listing for other colors details.


Check it out Shielding Technology to view laboratory test report & shielding effectiveness video

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