How it works

How does radiation shielding material work?

Radiation shielding fabric is highly conductive silver fabric. Its shields by neutralizing incoming electromagnetic waves, cancelling out the ambient radiation and reducing your radiation exposure.

Radia Smart Product uses this shielding fabric which provides 99.9% shielding effectiveness for radiation from mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other devices (non-ionising radiation)



The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. We differentiate between the different frequencies and the associated wavelength.

The electromagnetic spectrum start from low frequencies (long wavelength) used for electrical power distribution, to radio frequencies for radio, TV, mobile phones, microwave ovens and wireless networks through to short wavelength high gamma radiation at the opposite end of the frequency spectrum. Radia Smart product does not shield against ionising/high frequency radiation like X-ray.




Watch Video: Radia Smart blanket RF Meter testing

We tested Radia Smart radiation shielding EMF blanket use RF meter. RF meter picked up the RF signals from surrounding, then when it is placed inside the RS shielding blanket, RF signals/sounds completely go away. Radia Smart blanket shields and blocks radiation from phones, wifi, laptops and other devices effectively. Thanks to Healthier by choice for the video. (



Watch Video: Radia Smart Shielding Effectiveness Test (use Cordless Phone)

Laboratory Test Report

Radia Smart raidation shielding materials has been tested from accredited laboratory. View the test report below.

   img-0598-s.jpg  img-0596-s.jpg     img-0597-s.jpg