What is Radiation?

Radiation & Health

Radiation is energy travelling through space or materials, sometimes referred to as EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

Sunshine is one of the most familiar forms of radiation. It delivers light, heat and suntans. While enjoying and depending on it, we control our exposure to it. Radiation exists naturally, though many people tend to exposed to higher levels radiation produced artificially. Radiation can be classified in two categories:

Non-ionizing radiation
Non-ionizing radiation includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared, and ultraviolet. It surrounds us in everyday life from varied sources together with cell phones, tablets, computers, and wifi which we can control our exposure to it.

Ionizing radiation
High-energy radiation includes x-rays and gamma rays. This type of radiation is often identified to be terribly dangerous even in little doses, it can cause damage to matter, particular living tissue. But, luckily, is less prevalent in existence. Radia Smart products do not protect against this sort of radiation.